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New ValueTips Horse Racing Software & Tips Launch - 9:00 GMT Tuesday 24nd November - Saturday 28th November

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Making a profit from betting is about to get a LOT easier.

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For the next few days only you can get your
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Just imagine getting your hands on software that
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Software that leaves the bookies frustrated and
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Imagine knowing the exact value bets to place to
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Imagine, that with this automated software, you
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Gone are the days of following no good tipsters
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Gone are the days of loss after loss, as you wonder
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Gone is the frustration of following complex formulas
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This amazing new betting software offer is closing in just 2 Days,
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Are you sick of the bookies taking your
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Are you sick of wasting your time following
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Are you ready to get your hands on REAL betting software that
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…one that has been tried and tested and PROVEN
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This is a game-changer…

A fully automated betting software designed by Steve G, allows you
scour the betting market for REAL value bets.

Value Bets that Make up to £3334 a Month!

This clever piece of technology links with the betting market and
automatically gives you a list of value bets based on a fully
researched and tested profitable system.

Because they are at value odds, they beat the bookmaker and you profit.

All you need to do is click the automated software and place your bets!

It even works on your mobile!

Select the link below for more information:


p.s. HURRY! This offer ends Saturday 28th November at MIDNIGHT!

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I don’t know if you saw my emails this week, but if you missed it
you need to pay attention.

The **amazing** Value Tips software by Steve G is
available only until MIDNIGHT tonight at a massively reduced price.

So to get your hands on a copy with a 57% discount go to:

Anyway, just remember that this offer expires at midnight, so get in quick!




Value Tips Results Update
Value Tips Review


Hi {!firstname_fix},

Have you checked this out yet?

Well they had a fantastic first day of winners!

Steve sent out his value tips email and bagged 2/3 winners…

Uncle Brit, 7/1, 3rd
Jessbers Dream, 5/2 WON
Sirop De Menthe, 2/1 WON

That’s 3.5 points in ONE day. At £25 stakes that’s £87.50,
at £100 stakes that’s £350.

Plus for those who take the upgrade Midas option (optional extra service)
he managed another 2/2 as follows:

What Could She Be, 2/1 WON
Master Jake, 6/4 WON

That’s another 3.5 points, making Steve’s tips stand at 4/5 winners and 7 points profit!

This is simply incredible tipping all given via email, so very easy to profit with.

Plus this is only half the story….

You also get full access to Steve’s Value Tips software which
gives you HUGE priced winners on a daily basis.

Get in now and secure the discount introductory offer on this great service:

Thanks for reading,




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