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From: Steve G

If you are ever going to profit from the bookmakers you need to STOP and listen.

For too long the Bookies have been pulling the wool over your eyes with odds that include huge margins of profit for them and zero chance of any money for you.

What's even more outrageous is the Bookies collude with each other and manipulate you in to betting on horses at odds that simply do not have any profit margin in them whatsoever.

The bookies hate to lose more than anyone, not only that they want to make sure they win big and leave you with absolutely nothing.

You really don't need to be a maths genius to work out that the only way to ever beat the bookie is to beat the odds.

This can only be done through finding bets of value.

You see the odds the bookie shows you aren't the real chances of the horse winning.

If you pay no attention to the price you are getting and simply back the best
horse in the race, you will lose. It's that simple.

The problem with value betting is its hard tedious work.

And unless you're a maths whizz with a knack for numbers, you're gonna struggle.

Fortunately for you, there is a simple way.


Introducing My Value Tips Email Service That Gives You Effortless Winners Straight to Your Inbox!


To get you started on the road to betting success I will send you my own personal value tips via email.

These tips are rock solid and smash other so called "tipsters" profits to pieces.

I look for value in the market with my email tips and bet at odds up to 50/1.

The Return on Investment on these tips has been as high as 84.4% a month.

This is the beauty of backing value priced horses, the returns are ENORMOUS!

My personal definition of value is a bet that has a better chance of winning than the odds suggest.

I don't have any rules for my email tips in terms of odds. I will back short odds, but I will also back 33/1 Winners.

Value is the key here, not some arbitrary odds bracket.

Simply following my selective tipping service will give you nice income as high as £3498 a month...

However I'm a huge believer in having multiple ways to beat the bookies, which is why I will also give you FULL ACCESS to the Value Tips Software

This machine is incredible and gives you automatic daily profits that will on average double the money you make on the email tips service.


With the Powerful Value Tips Software you can Scalp the Market and find Bets of Real Value in Less than 2 minutes.


Using our unique software you can quickly and easily spot value bets and cash in on these opportunities.

Sometimes when people here the word "software" they think they need to be some kind of computer geek to profit.

With the Value Tips software, if you can open a web page, you can profit with this method.

With a fully automated selections picker, all you need to do is place the value tips we recommend.


This is ALL you need to do to profit with our Software...


It really is THAT simple.

Software is supposed to make your life easier.

With the Value Tips Software you save hours of tedious research and have profitable value bet opportunities at your fingertips in an instant!

The software is web based, so you don't even need to download!

Just log in and cash out!

What the Tips & Software Package Gives You...

Here are just some of the awesome features which you can access when you join our betting club.

  • Value Email Tips

    Full Access to my email value tips which make as much as £3498 a month. Highly selective and profitable service.

  • Value Betting Software

    Full access to our value tips software which automatically finds bets with REAL value by scalping the betting market. Proven to make up to £3334 a month!

  • Mobile Compatable!

    Unlike other betting software ours works on multiple devices including PC’s, iMacs, Tablets, Iphones and Android devices.

  • No Long Losing Periods.

    Despite giving winners at up to 33/1 on the email tips and 14/1 on the software we still maintain a healthy strike rate. No one likes losing runs, stick with us and the winners will flow.

  • Guidance at Every Step

    Full email support and software updates. I will be with you every step of the way to ensure you maximise your betting profits.

  • Only Takes 5-10 Minutes to Profit

    Both the software and email tips are incredibly easy to follow. Let us do the hard work so you can relax and enjoy your winnings!

Check out Feedback from our Previous Users...

Hi Steve,

Just want to say thanks really, I've been using the software for 4 days now and I am up 40 points already!!! Thanks again mate.

Regards Stef

Stef Ball

Hi Steve, I've been using it for 3 days and finding it interesting - once I got the hang of flipping between the 2 screens of the races and the selections!   Yesterday I was delighted to get Freddie Tylyki on a 14/1 Dovils Duel which I actually watched, it was amazing, he was last then gradually reeled everyone in and cruised to the winning post, that guy is amazing. That is what I intend to use the system for, to seek out those sneaky long odds horses who spring the surprise. I had Kassia too. It showed up Medicine Hat too at 14/1. Previous days gave me,- Here I Am, Amberflash,( good price second)  Return of the Mak and Zarawaan, what's not to like? I backed African Queen who beat Golden Horn, I was looking for a good second but got an 80/1 winner instead, wow!!   Thanks June

June Colclough

Well i have only been using this system a few days , but have got my money back already!  I'm very impressed with the strike rate, and the tips are first class, its early days but I can see this has got massive potential, and anything that gives you the edge against the bookies has gotta be good.

Tim Holmes

I am a recent subscriber and since I joined I have had only three losing days and I am showing a profit of almost £1300.

Ray Walton

Hi Steve,

Currently been using just your tips, haven't tried the software yet. so far so good, paid for my year very quick with the first few tips you sent me practically nailed £32 with 2 free tips prior to purchase. after purchase approx another £50 was made from the very next 2 tips. Yesterday slight loss (-£10) after all 4 bet results were in, but that's only to be expected, So far the tips are pretty good. Looking forward to all the future ones!

Ian Jess.

P.S. Those 2 e/way tips you just sent pulled me in another £66 class! Awesome service so far.

Ian Jess

Hello Steve,

So far the system is excellent, especially as I have no idea about horses, have already won more races in three days than in my entire life. I find it very easy to use and great fun, and using cashout to minimise losses also helps.

Thanks for your system, it is very addictive 🙂

Dave Wood

Dave Wood

So, How Much is this Going to Cost?

I'm not quite sure why but I see a lot of tipsters charging eye watering rates for their tips?

I've always believed in keeping my prices low and reaching out to all punters whether they want to bet at £1 or £100.

Not only that, in addition to the value tips software which gives you easy profits with the click of a mouse...

I will also send you my highly profitable value tips via email.

Effectively you're getting two services for the price of 1. Both profitable and both will give you everything you need to make regular profits from the bookies.

Knowing how popular my products are I might have to pull this offer early, so don't drag your feet, as the price will go up.

I really hope you take advantage of this great deal and it would be great to meet you in the members area and share my secrets on how to beat the bookies once and for all!


100% 30 Day Refund Guarantee


So you can try out the awesome Value Tips betting service risk free we offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee.

If within the first 30 days of refund you decide this software is not for you, simply email us and we will give you a full refund.

Special Offer - Save 51%!

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  • Q.Will the software work on my device?

    A.The software is a web based application. This means it will work on any device be that a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile. It will work on all apple devices also. It also means you don’t need to download anything.

  • Q.Will I be able to operate the software from my country?

    A.The software and tips cover both UK and IRE Horse Racing. As long as you can access a bookmaker to place the bets you can use the service. For those in countries struggling to find UK horse racing coverage such as the USA, we recommend using Twinspires

  • Q.How do I access the product?

    A.The software is accessed via a members area which you will gain access to on purchase. The tips are sent via email.

  • Q.When will I receive email tips?

    A.We will send you tips Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning (between 10am – 12am). We will also send extra tips on other days when major horse racing festivals are on.

  • Q.I already own your other product the Midas Method, how is this different?

    A.The value tips system focuses on horses that have a good odds price, this is different to the Midas Method which focuses on horses the market indicates are good bets. The tips are also different as they generally focus on horses at bigger odds.

  • Q.How long will it take to get started with the software?

    A.As soon as you login in you can start. Selections are generated automatically so you can simply view the selections panel in a minute or two and then place your bets!

  • Q.I'm not very good with technology is this product for me?

    A.Yes, of course! We have automated the system in the software. All you need to do is view a selections panel and place the bets! We do have options to alter settings if you want to do, but this is very easy to do.

  • Q.I've know nothing about horse racing is this service for me?

    A.We welcome beginners and experts alike. As the software does all the hard work for you, its very simple to get started whatever your level of experience. Also the tips give you quality advice to allow you to follow horse racing with no need to do any complicated work yourself.

  • Q.How much do I need to place on each bet?

    A.For the software and tips we recommend betting in points. This would mean if you are betting 1 point. This would be 1% of your annual betting bank. We advise to paper trade initially and then when you are confident you are ready to start betting bet at the stakes which you are comfortable with.

  • Q.If I don't like the service can I cancel?

    A.Yes of course. You may cancel anytime if the service is not for you. We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

  • Q.Is this aribitrage or matched betting software?

    A.No. You don’t need to sign up to a ton of bookmakers to use this software or chase free bets. Its focus is on value betting, which is automatically giving you horses to bet on at odds which are better than their chance of winning.

  • Q.What does the software actually do?

    A.The software is a web based application that compares forecast odds to actual odds in UK and Irish Horse Racing. Using our tried and tested in built automated system the software scalps the market for horses that are value bets each day. These bets are at odds that are better than the actual chance of the horse winning.

  • Q.What time of day do I need to use the software?

    A.The software can be used anytime of day. It doesn’t particularly matter if you miss one race, or one day. You can use it at your own convenience. Even just using at weekends will prove profitable. Personally I use the software between 11:30 – 13:00 depending when the first race of the day starts.

  • Q.Is it possible to build my own systems, what features does the software have?

    A.Of course. All results quoted are based on our own devised in build system. However if you wish to build your own systems we offer a full settings panel that gives you filters such as race type, number of runners, odds thresholds, race distance and much much more.

  • Q.I have further questions can we have a chat?

    A.Sure. Simply email me by clicking the contact link on this page. We are available between 9-5pm Monday – Friday to answer your queries.